A123 Bankrupt – $0.25 Billion Loss – More Ammo for Romney

But don’t you think that if the company goes bankrupt that they should give up the remainder of the grant?

Basically those are yet unspent tax dollars ($0.125 Billion) that could be not spent in a time when our debt is out of control.

I have less problem with the bankruptcy and the losses so far… but in effect the extension of the grant is like a sort of theft of taxpayers dollars.


Think of it like this:

Johnny breaks into a house and steals a tv.

Sammy buys the $250 tv for $125 from Johnny.

Johnny is arrested for the theft, but Sammy gets to keep the tv.

…that’s not how things work in real life. If the tv can be identified as stolen then Sammy should have to give up the tv.

The unspent tax dollars of a bankruptcy should be returned !!!

(Romney did not mention A123 last night)

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