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Prodeco Technologies Phantom X2 Electric Bike – 12 Ah Lithium Powered, 20 mph, 28-38 Mile Range, 2 Year Warranty, Built in the USA
A New Way to Bike
This bike is as powerful as it is stylish. The Phantom X2 has been named to be one of the strongest and affordable folding electric bikes available. It is extremely rugged and has a high-end torque of a 500 watt, direct drive motor mounted in the rear wheel and provides 720 watts at it’s peak. The riders of the Phantom X3 are very happy about the elite components and the fact that this electronic bike is so adjustable. The SRAM drive has been precisely engineered and the train consisting of an X7 Twist 8 speed mid derailleur will make even the savviest of riders pleased. With a high efficiency 38 volt, 12 amp hour advanced lithium ion battery (LifeP04) the Phontom X2 has a max range of 38 miles per charge. You will have power on demand with this bike.

The Prodeco Technologies Group outdid themselves again with the Outlaw EX Electric Bike. A 9 Ah Lithium Powdered, 20 mph, range of 25-30 Miles, Built in the USA, and with Their Outstanding 2 Year Warranty.
The Sleek Outlaw EX was created with the rider in mind. When you are ready for the maximum adventure, this impressive ride that is street legal has a limit of 20 mph and get you where you want to go fast. The 750 watt, rear tire direct drive hub motor, which will deliver 1200w at peak, offers the kind of high performance and outstanding torque that enables riders to power up inclines. Built with only the top of the line materials, the Outlaw EX features a double crown magnesium suspension fork, SRAM 8 speed X9/X0 drive train, high powered Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes and Avid 200mm HS1 heat shedding rotors. The heavy frame is rigid allowing for a more aggressive cycling experience and the leather grips on the handle and the leather saddle provide comfort and support. This bike, the Outlaw EX is going to be a head turner when you are out and about.

Jetson Eco-Friendly Electric Bike

There’s the old way to get around… and there’s the new way to get around
Jetson E-Bikes have been custom built with both style and stamina, with an understanding that your lifestyle is just as much about your life… as it is your style.
See, we understood that professionals need to be on time and look good. That students need to save cash and keep lookin’ cool. That it’s not hip to be hanging out at a gas station filling up your tank and emptying out your bank account.
The concept is simple
Charge the battery, plug it in, and ride! Use less effort and become more efficient; giving new meaning to the term “don’t sweat it”. With a Jetson you can beat the traffic, say hello to a friend, take a shortcut to class, or get to an appointment early… all with the new Jetson E-Bike. Take in the breeze, climb up a hill, smell the flowers, stop polluting… Well, you get the point!
Jetson E-Bikes come to you 100% fully assembled so there’s no setup time involved. Ride your Jetson as soon as you get it!
Zero carbon, zero emissions, zero pollution

The Jetson E-Bike comes in a wide range of colors, so be sure to check this one out!

These are just a few of the great electronic bikes available for your use. Be sure to check them out. Study the features before you buy. With the right bike designed for the way you will be using it, you will be pleased and will enjoy your new, green biking experience. Thank you for reading. Please check out the rest of this site for more information on different types of electric bikes and for ways to actually build one yourself!

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