Bike Boys & Girls 1976 sepia for FB banner

A few nice bikes images I found:

Bike Boys & Girls 1976 sepia for FB banner

Image by Whiskeygonebad
Bike Boys 1976 & Bike Girls 1976 combined for a Facebook Banner.

Bike boulevard in Tucson

Image by Steven Vance
UPDATE: This bike crossing is called a toucan.
Information from Tucson Department of Transportation:
Description 1
Description 2 (PDF)

TOUCAN (from Description 1):
"The TwO GroUps CAN cross (TOUCAN) system was designed to provide a safe crossing for two groups – pedestrians and bicyclists. TOUCAN systems are placed at locations of heavy bicycle and pedestrian crossing activity and along roadways that are prioritized for non-motorized uses, sometimes known as “Bike Boulevards.” An added benefit to the TOUCAN signal system is that motorized traffic is not allowed to proceed through these signals, decreasing the number of cars on neighborhood streets, and enhancing the neighborhood’s quality of life. A TOUCAN can be activated only by bicyclists or by pedestrians. Both use a push button to activate the signal. Bicyclists respond to an innovative bicycle signal and use a special lane when crossing. Pedestrians get a standard WALK indication and have a separate, adjacent crosswalk. The system uses a standard signal for motorists."

Tucson installed a facility often seen on "bike boulevards" on University Boulevard at Stone Avenue. University Boulevard leads right into the University of Arizona campus as well as the adjacent shopping and restaurant districts on University Drive and 4th Avenue.

The facility works like this: Motorists must turn right onto Stone Avenue (from either direction). Bicyclists can turn left, right, or go straight. Bicyclists turning left or going straight can push a button to activate the green light.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

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