bike day 18-10-08

Check out these bikes images:

bike day 18-10-08

Image by pol ubeda
my first bike day. This pretends to be a project, i’m going to take pictures from my "peliser" bike with a minitripod and my olympus XA

Island Bikes

Image by RaGardner4
Bikes for rent on Kelley’s Island.

Bike to work @ SFU

Image by Graham Ballantyne
I usually commute to work at SFU by bike four days a week (Friday after work is often spent at the pub, and biking and beer don’t mix). I’ll either ride from New Westminter to Production Way station and hop on the bus up the hill, or, if I have the time, grind up on my bike. Coming down is the best part; depending on how the wind is blowing, I can hit anywhere between 60-80 km/h riding down Gaglardi Way (in contrast, it usually takes 30-40 minutes to climb up the hill from the bottom, in addition to the 25-30 minutes from home).

I enjoy riding to work, in good weather or bad. I always feel more awake and energized when I ride versus commuting the whole way on transit.

11 thoughts on “bike day 18-10-08

  1. lanenaindie

    me encanta esta idea!

    pero cuelga tooodas las fotos con las que has hecho el vídeo, seguro que no desmerece ninguna
    ; )

  2. albert ruso


    Super interessant!! M’encanta!!
    Sempre he tingut al cap fer un muntatge de vídeo molt semblant al que has fet aquí, però en cap moment havia pensat en aquest punt de vista des de la bicicleta. M’encanta, és genial!!


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