Bike geek test

A few nice bikes images I found:

Bike geek test

Image by timmycorkery
Take a quick look at this photo. Don’t study it, just a quick look. Now, select your reaction from the options below:

A. Eh?
B. Uh… Dura Ace… that rings a bell…
C. WOW!!! [baby/puppy/kitten noises] A black NJS DA lockring! Oh man…! [more baby/puppy/kitten noises]

If you selected A, you are not a bike geek. If you selected C, you are a bike geek (bless you). If you selected B, you could be a bike geek if you try — please try.

Bike: Eighthinch Scrambler

Image by bikesandwich
With a Sturmey Archer B2C 2 speed kick-shift coaster brake hub.

Bike Check:
Eighthinch Scrambler 57cm (frame fork seatpost)

Velocity Deep V gunmetal / reflective rims
IRO / Formula front hub
Sturmey-Archer B2C coaster brake kick shift 2 speed hub in black with 13 tooth cog
Eighthinch 170mm spline drive cranks
S&M L7 spline drive sprocket 30 tooth
Shadow Conspiracy Interlock chain
Odessey Twisted plastic pedals
Odessey Aaron Ross Keyboard grips
Odessey Mike Aiken retro bmx seat
Volume Trickster 4" riser handlebars
Eastern Strangler stem
Michelin City Tires 32c

Biking to Work time lapse video

Image by 邪恶的正太
Biking to Work time lapse video

Flickr cuts my video…

18 thoughts on “Bike geek test

  1. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

    My reaction was "Oh, a lockring." I’d be to the left of you in this comparison, I think. :-) I’m not a Keirin track racer so I don’t give a hoot about NJS. But that’s just boring pragmatic me.

    Find me an NJS certified Campy part and then we’ll talk :-)

  2. timmycorkery

    Oh, pshaw. It’s not a "do you love NJS" question, but more a "do you recognize NJS" question. Anyone who’s your contact knows you’ve got the love for bikes. Maybe I should update the survey… In any case, I don’t own much NJS, and what I do has been because it was the cheapest part available (used, of course), or because I didn’t notice it was NJS until after I bought it. There are the other folks, tho’, the ones who looooove their NJS. Heck, I’ve got flickr contacts who, upon purchase of a new NJS part, will promptly go home and sleep with the NJS part under their pillow. Or on their pillow. Or in their pants (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    Actually, I have flickr contacts who would be quite happy to take pictures of that last scenario.

    Wait… I think I might have fave’d a few of those pictures…

    Oh, and RBB, yeah, the bikeporn is so delicious that I can’t help it.

  3. mike1727

    I’m insufficently l33t to understand the NJS reference, but black and duraace does it for me.

  4. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

    NJS = Nippon something something. I only know because I grew up in Japan. All Keirin racing equipment must be NJS certified. If you’re not a Japanese company, it’s very difficult to get certified. Campy made the effort for a couple of years but eventually gave up.

    There’s a lot of "nudge nudge wink wink" in Japanese bureaucracy, much more so than in Western nations. If you know the right people, your applications sail through. If you’re not in the club, the bureaucrats find all kinds of ways to delay and deny your applications. You didn’t put the emperor’s birthday in exactly the right format? If you’re a friend, the clerk fills that in for you. If you’re not, too bad, re-file the forms in triplicate after the required 60-day waiting period, after which the clerk will find something else wrong if he even gets around to looking at your application and the cycle begins again.

  5. fixedgear

    I think Richard has got it. One of the NJS’ many missions is to promote the Japanese bicycle industry, which explains the dearth of non-Japanese parts that meet the ‘rigorous’ certification.

    While I say "C" I’m now digging Phil lockrings for their shiny silverosity.

  6. ticklish ideas

    I’m a solid B (and trying).

    I like the hipster definition for NJS, Richard. Google didn’t serve me nearly so well.

  7. ♔ Georgie R

    Dura Ace of course I know, but whatever the equipment you’ve still got to pedal it and it’s you which makes most of the difference – unless something breaks of course and then you’ll wish you had bought better stuff. (I’ve just been dowstairs & looked in the garage with a torch and found that I’ve got Deore XT bits on my Trice – how sad.)


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