Bike light comparison

A few nice bikes images I found:

Bike light comparison

Image by Steven Vance
Best if you view original size.

The third frame shows my Yuba Mundo’s dynamo-powered light.

Taken with auto-exposure settings (sorry, not that objective, but we can’t manually control our eye’s exposure except by squinting) without flash.

You shouldn’t stop buying Planet Bike lights, but I think this light pattern and intensity is typical of most bike headlights. The Planet Bike light I have is not particularly great at magnifying the 1 watt LED. Newer models are better.

The Lumotec has the "IQ" design that points the LED backwards at a mirror – you get a stronger, easier to "spread" light throw this way.


Image by *USB*
Finished it on Saturday…. Crashed it on Tuesday at 2am riding home from a Lee Scratch Perry show (Fucking Amazing!). The bike is fine but I’m a bit broken. Now It’s sitting in my room being pretty for 6 more weeks or so till this broken finger heals and I can take this splint off.

More decorating to do before it’s truly done. All money put into it was from my economic stimulus check. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the governments ‘war for oil’ fuck-up money than to lower my oil use and support a locally owned bike shop. Big thanks to the guys and girls at Yellow Jersey. Best bike shop ever.

This is how it looked when I got it. I couldn’t even ride it home from the thrift store.

15 thoughts on “Bike light comparison


    I appreciate how the wall (door and window) provide some frame for comparison, a scale if you will.

  2. Steven Vance

    No, I put the camera on its self-timer and when I saw the light blinking faster, I spun the wheel myself.

    I should take a picture towards the lights.

  3. ehalpe2

    Yeah, take a picture towards the light. Very rarely do I need the light for my own vision, primarily it’s for cars to not hit me. I like that door.

  4. Steven Vance

    I hate this door. It’s made like stained glass and rattles every time someone with a decent subwoofer drives by.

    I guess this picture shows the pattern of the light. Look how wide and intense the Lumotec is versus the Planet Bike.

  5. Mark Stosberg

    Did you mount your IQ light on the fork crown? Any special to know about that?

    I’m working on buying some dynamo lights for my E-mundo. I’m planning to use a sidewall dynamo, since the front hub has the electric motor in it.

    ( And I want to use a dynamo to power them rather than an electric system so that the lights work even when the electric system might fail, or be turned off in a rain storm. )

  6. Steven Vance

    I mounted them on the fork crown where on another type of bike you would install caliper brakes. I used a 1/4"x20x2" bolt and the complementing nuts and washers. I need to do something to make the nut harder to remove and the light harder to remove.

    According to the video, the Planet Bike 1watt light is useless!


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