Bike lock rack

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Bike lock rack

Image by afagen
Bike rack in downtown, Nashville, TN

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Bike Parking & Patio


Image by W.D. Vanlue
The back patio and bike parking behind Hopworks’ Bike Bar.



Image by Visual Artist Frank Bonilla
A person riding his bike, at Venice Beach.

19 thoughts on “Bike lock rack

  1. dickdavid

    I’d love to see more parking lots like this. In fact, I thought about making the parkway in front of my house like this.

  2. W.D. Vanlue

    [] I’ve had the same thought! It’d be nice to allow friends to roll up and lock to parking right out front of my house.

  3. hyper7pro

    I have a 2 bike bikerack in front of my house. But mostly it is just me who parks there.
    Nice photo!

  4. W.D. Vanlue

    [] Nice! Did you install it yourself? Any pictures of it to share?

  5. through a pin-hole

    Just please don’t use these kinds of racks :) Have a front rack on my bike, and that means I can only use half the spots on these kinds of racks :)

  6. W.D. Vanlue

    [] I hear you there. At least in this photo there’s adequate space on both sides of the rack. Most of the time I see racks like this they’re so close to a wall or something that you can’t get any bike to fit in any of the spaces.

  7. through a pin-hole

    Yeah, there is one of those outside my work – just far enough away from the wall to work, but a bike with 28" wheels takes some trickery to get it to fit enough to lock it.

    We recently asked our apartment management company if they would consider talking to the city about installing some public racks near our apartments, since we’re storing bikes in our kitchen, and our friends don’t have anywhere nearby to park if they ride over, and they were all for it. I think residential bike parking is going to be important to focus on soon, we’re getting it down in commercial areas now.

  8. W.D. Vanlue

    [] Agreed. I think we’ll soon see a larger market for at-home bike parking installations (I’ve already heard of some specialty, one-off projects).

    [] Very nice! Does it stay standing pretty well? I would think that the light weight PVC would get knocked over if only one bike was parked there.


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