Bike Mount

A few nice bikes images I found:

Bike Mount

Image by …-Wink-…
So I built a mount for my old camera to attach to my mountain bike so now I can bore you with my little travels not only walking but also when I ride my bike!!!! :-) )) first one is in the comments :-)

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See this in a slideshow
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Forgot my bike lock

Image by Simply Bike
Simply Bike

Old man on a not-as-old bike

Image by Martosc, [Gm]
The bike is old, but certainly not as old as the rider. It’s amazing to see how these 40-years-old-design bikes are still swarming all over Tokyo, the capital city of Innovation and Technology.

On another note, it’s also amazing to see an old man still rides a bike.

Miyamaedaira, Kanagawa, Japan – Oct 2010

PS: View Big On Black

55 thoughts on “Bike Mount

  1. Baggers 2013

    Fantastic idea wink! Love it. Take photos and get super fit at the same time! You should get this idea on TV ;-)

  2. Margall photography

    wow,amazing idea,we are waiting for the pics
    hope you have a nice sunday

  3. Jill Clardy

    Very clever – obviously you’ve been thinking about/planning this for a while. Do you use a remote control or just push the shutter button every now and then?

  4. Kevin English Photography

    Any chance you want to give us the details on how you build it? I would love to try this:)

  5. mikel.hendriks

    Looking forward to see some shot from this home made construction !

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  6. mjose_almeida(have a great week my friends)

    Ahahah congrats you are very creative a camera in the bike.I love the idea.
    Well done congrats

    have a great week ahead dear Wend :) )**

  7. Peter V Photography

    that is AWESOME wendell…..can you make me one? haha. Although i will probably fall and ruin my life

  8. Teresa L James

    Can’t wait to see what you capture with this! Awesome set up! You should get make these & sell them!

  9. back stage

    Quite the counter take on image stabilization.
    I’m with Camalot5, you can take the idea to the bank.

  10. Now and Here

    Awesome… I’m guessing that thing shoots video… Some mountain bike video footage would be great to see.

  11. cemaine (Sarah Beard Buckley)

    Cool .. I’d be afraid to do that with my camera .. well, maybe my old one ..


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