Bike parking and streetcar coexist

A few nice bikes images I found:

Bike parking and streetcar coexist

Image by Steven Vance
Bike parking at the bottom of Marquam Hill, where the Portland Aerial Tram meets the Portland Streetcar. I think Portland is one of the most multi and inter-modal cities in the United States.

To get to this spot from Chicago, without a car, I would:
1. Ride a bicycle to Union Station in Chicago and lock it up.
2. Take the Amtrak from Chicago Union Station to Portland Union Station.
3. At Portland Union Station, board the MAX light rail, Green or Yellow line.
4. Transfer from the Green or Yellow line to the Portland Streetcar at Portland State University (PSU) Urban Center stop.
5. Take the Portland Streetcar south to South Waterfront District.

I could then hop on the Portland Aerial Tram and head up the hill to Oregon Health Sciences University. You might be a researcher at University of Illinois at Chicago and you need to give a presentation at OHSU.

Neat, right?

See where this picture was taken. [?]

Bike Rack

Image by W.D. Vanlue
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Bike with someone you love

Image by Simply Bike
Simply Bike

14 thoughts on “Bike parking and streetcar coexist

  1. Steven Vance

    @gen gibson: I was a little jealous of this type of interaction between passengers, pedestrians, and bicycle riders/parking.

  2. joe-bike

    If you fly, there’s a light-rail line (called MAX) from Portland’s airport into town, hooking up with the streetcar that takes you to OHSU and the aerial tram. MAX trains have an area for cyclists and their bikes. Bring a folding bike with you and you’re prepared for anything.

  3. Steven Vance

    @joe-bike: I did fly in to PDX and I took the MAX Red line to 82nd and then took a bus. Little did I know that I could have transferred to the Yellow line and gotten off at Rosa Parks and walked to the wonderful house I would stay in for the next three nights.

  4. neotint

    Great shot Steve, always find your pics when I’m searching for things, but where are all the people?!? :) Looking for bike/walk/tansit shot with lots of healthy happy urban people.

  5. Steven Vance

    [] I often avoid taking pictures with people, but that’s starting to change. I do have other photos of this particular site (which I love) that have people in them, like waiting for the aerial tram. I will upload those soon.


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