Bike parking hall of fame

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Bike parking hall of fame

Image by Steven Vance
If the Bike Parking Hall of Fame awards were today and I only had 5 minutes to pick a winner…

Well, here’s the winner!

Walgreens at 2744 N California Avenue in Avondale, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

They followed the Simple Bike Parking method:
1. Choose the right rack. Wave rack (although it could be shorter and the waves wider).

2. Install the rack as close to the entrance as physically possible. Yep – there’s no doubting this!

Bike Locker

Image by Hello, I am Bruce
I’ve finally got a bike locker at work. They were installed in November, it took ages before anyone told me how I could get one, my sixty quid deposit cheque was cashed in December, but it’s taken until the end of January to get access to it! I don’t think anyone else has one yet.

It’s made by .

The bike is held up by a metal loop round the front wheel. It’s a bit tricky to use, but I guess I’ll get used to it. Being able to store bags, lights etc with the bike instead of carrying them to my office will be a big advantage.

The reflective jacket is a free gift from my employers. Perhaps they’ll swap it for a decent jersey.

Unfortunately it stinks around the lockers, because that’s where the smokers hang out.

5 thoughts on “Bike parking hall of fame

  1. Ellefson

    Aberdeen University finally has secure bike storage? That’s a landmark. Looks like I graduated at the wrong time

  2. Ellefson

    That’s a possibility, but it looks like I’m being offered an IT job here in Aberdeen, in which case not in the near future. They really need to have better bike storage for undergraduates. Even a CCTV camera and covered storage. All the cameras are in useless places. Ahh well


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