Bike racks have feelings, too

Some cool bikes images:

Bike racks have feelings, too

Image by Steven Vance
This photo shows the damage that automobiles inflict on our cities, environment, and, closest to my heart, bikes and bike parking.

An errant motorist jumped the curb and crashed first into the tree, then the bike rack, and finally the bike parked here. The LaSalle Blue Line station entrance is just steps away (in the background). Imagine the fate of a bicyclist who might have been locking their red Schwinn road bike to the bike rack only to find a 2-ton metal box hurtling in their direction.

How much did the collision cost, according to the photographed scene?
These are my guesstimates:
Tree removal and replacement: >,000
Bike rack removal and replacement: 0
Vintage Schwinn: 0
Cleanup: 0

Please drive carefully.

I’ve seen this again and again.
See the after shot.

Return of monster bike

Image by bobbotron1
I finally finished converting monster bike (a drop bar’d mountain bike frame) to a cyclocross rig. I took this just after riding it in the weekend cyclocross race.

It’s a fun ride. I think it might be a touch small for me, but it held up pretty well in the race. The tires gripped the dirt pretty well and the gearing is perfect. I need to get a N stop gaurd and maybe replace the back wheel (it’s so heavy.)

SJS Cross Bike

Image by fixedgear
Saint John’s Street Cycles cross bike. Lugged steel, cheap.

13 thoughts on “Bike racks have feelings, too

  1. Generaal Gibson

    Very frequent to be seen in Amsterdam.However mostly not caused by speeding motorists,but by trucks,way to big for the old,beautiful but very narrow streets.

  2. Steven Vance

    You see a lot of run down trees and bike racks in Amsterdam? That’s bad. This took the cake for 2009 damages. It pains me :(

  3. justsmartdesign

    That’s not a huge tree, but to replace it with the same size would probably be way more than $1000, especially if you include labor (cleanup, root removal, soil prep, tree purchase & delivery, installation….). People tend to undervalue trees, which is sad considering how much they contribute to the character and quality of the urban environment.

    You’d need a pretty big bollard to really stop a heavy vehicle.

    Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "Streets for People". (?)


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