Bike Storage

A few nice bikes images I found:

Bike Storage

Image by Seth W.
Just got back in from a nice night-time ride from downtown Brooklyn. Since I didn’t get any photos while riding, I thought I’d photograph my girl while she’s sitting still.

And yea – this bike is a girl.

And double yes, I will be getting a new bike by months end. It’s my birthday this month! First new bike since 1993. And yes, you’ll see pictures.

Bike boulevard in Tucson

Image by Steven Vance
UPDATE: This bike crossing is called a toucan.
Information from Tucson Department of Transportation:

Description 1
Description 2 (PDF)

TOUCAN (from Description 1):
"The TwO GroUps CAN cross (TOUCAN) system was designed to provide a safe crossing for two groups – pedestrians and bicyclists. TOUCAN systems are placed at locations of heavy bicycle and pedestrian crossing activity and along roadways that are prioritized for non-motorized uses, sometimes known as “Bike Boulevards.” An added benefit to the TOUCAN signal system is that motorized traffic is not allowed to proceed through these signals, decreasing the number of cars on neighborhood streets, and enhancing the neighborhood’s quality of life. A TOUCAN can be activated only by bicyclists or by pedestrians. Both use a push button to activate the signal. Bicyclists respond to an innovative bicycle signal and use a special lane when crossing. Pedestrians get a standard WALK indication and have a separate, adjacent crosswalk. The system uses a standard signal for motorists."

Tucson installed a facility often seen on "bike boulevards" on University Boulevard at Stone Avenue. University Boulevard leads right into the University of Arizona campus as well as the adjacent shopping and restaurant districts on University Drive and 4th Avenue.

The facility works like this: Motorists must turn right onto Stone Avenue (from either direction). Bicyclists can turn left, right, or go straight. Bicyclists turning left or going straight can push a button to activate the green light.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

Bike lockers at SLC Central Station

Image by Steven Vance
The Utah Transit Authority provides bike lockers at all FrontRunner regional/commuter rail stations, and several TRAX light rail stations.

This bike symbol on the lockers is NOT the U.S. DOT/MUTCD standard. The bike in this drawing has road drop bars. This is the standard symbol. It’s okay that UTA used a different symbol because the symbol they used is not placed on signage.

Find more information on bicycle signage in the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (the document that ensures consistency across the United States).

8 thoughts on “Bike Storage

  1. Seth W.

    My father in-law built it. The base is from an old exercise machine. Then two 2×4′s, and some metal hooks. Too bad it doesn’t hold the bike that’s in our bedroom.

  2. DearEdward

    It looks useful at the light but what about on the other side of the intersection – are you just thrown in with traffic?

  3. Steven Vance

    The only traffic mixing will occur when north or south bound (on Stone) motorists turn right while the bicyclists have a green to go east or west.

    From this TDOT document (PDF):
    University Boulevard is a designated bicycle route and the intersection of Stone and University is a major bicycle and pedestrian crossing. A specialized crossing known as a “toucan” is recommended for this location. The toucan is a signalized crossing that allows pedestrians and bicyclists to cross the intersections while drivers are restricted from crossing. Side street medians and raised islands are required to prohibit all side street traffic crossing movements and only permit right turns.

    That paragraph makes it seem like ALL Stone Avenue movement is restricted, which would mean there is NO mixing once the bicyclist crosses Stone Avenue.


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