Bike Tube Headband

Some cool bikes images:

Bike Tube Headband

Image by Bekathwia
The topic of this week’s CRAFT Video:

Photo by Nathan Rosenquist.

Bike Bokeh

Image by dieselbug2007
I have another version of this shot where the bokeh/focus is reversed. However, I liked this one better. :-)

Taken at a bike show out in Kearney, NE.

Bike Parking

Image by Stephen Rees
It seemed to us that the majority of people at Third Beach must have got there on bicycles. This was just one of several overcrowded bike racks

This image was chosen as July’s photo pool favourite by Sightline Daily

8 thoughts on “Bike Tube Headband

  1. one42chrisp

    [] Well, there’s getting to be quite a few in Alberta, down south for the most part.


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