Some cool bikes images:


Image by Sheffield Tiger
Bike stood upright whilst pausing for a cold drink

bike porn: Christine

Image by reallyboring
My folding bike, in my bed. That makes it bike porn, right? I didn’t ride her all night long, but I did finally ride *it* today.

Day 43: My Other Bike is a Bike

Image by Anomalily
[08/19/2011] Today we woke up rather early in the freezing campsite along the columbia river, made a breakfast of tacos and headed out on the road. We had an amazing lunch of sandwiches overlooking the bay, and enjoyed a short, shady nap along the side of the highway in a nice picnic spot after lunch.

After getting in to our target town of Raymond, we determined there wasn’t a nearby campground for any reasonable distance and decided to be decadent and get a motel room. The motel was neat and clean, and we read books, enjoyed hot showers, made dinner in the microwave (hilariously cooking rice in the motel icebucket because we only had metal pots and were too lazy to light up the campstove), and went to the local bar for a drink. We even watch a little bit of a Drew Barrymore movie on television.

All in all, it was a swell day, and boy did I enjoy that shower. The motel was probably worth it.

Bike Tour: Skamokawa -> Raymond, WA

Mood: 9
Health: 8
Hours of Sleep: 9
# of Drinks of Caffeine: 0
# of Drinks of Alcohol: 3
Miles Biked: 59 miles
Weather: HOT

6 thoughts on “Bike

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  2. reallyboring

    Well, it rides ok, although it’ll be better when I have three gears, instead of just the one it’s stuck in at the moment – new shifter on order. It definitely needs a new seat, and it’ll take some getting used to the fact that the seatpost bends a little when I sit on it. But shaping up to be a fun ride.

    It’s Dahon’s first model, the "Convertible Folding Bike". So it’s probably from 1982-1986. Supposedly there’s a way to figure it out exactly from the s/n, but I haven’t figured it out myself yet.


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