Cargo Bike Roll Call

A few nice bikes images I found:

Cargo Bike Roll Call

Image by W.D. Vanlue
The line up of cargo bikes during the Cargo Bike Roll Call at Cascade Brewery during Pedalpalooza.

Bike Alley

Image by enggul
What if i’ll push one bike, will it make a "domino effect"? >:)

Taken during the FTPS July photo meet in Inokashira koen.

28 thoughts on “Cargo Bike Roll Call

  1. .I Travel East.

    Astig na B&W ito, ‘Gul! Faved ko na!

    Parang daan ang clearing between ng dalawang grupo ng parada.

  2. enggul

    thanks, ge! chambawamba shot lang iyan. hahaha. i converted it to b&w ‘coz the people in the background are soooo colorful. LOL!

    wait until my insanity level soars high!

  3. enggul

    waahhh!!! i can’t imagine if i will be arrested during the FTPS meet with the gang with cameras and flashes.

  4. Fantasiateka

    great shot, superb b&w.
    if police catches you, try to be as violent as you can, it will make great pictures "in the action" for us :D

  5. Lenareh™

    jitensha wo takusan ne.

    bilin samin ng coordinator namin wag mag bisekleta hahhaahha
    (kase mi bus allowance daw kami..)

  6. enggul

    bwahaha! maimagine nako akong dagway ana. mukhang guilty kaayo.

    aw patay ko ana. taga v. rama ko then ang office kay sa banilad!


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