Fall bike ride to work

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Fall bike ride to work

Image by Simply Bike
I love riding my bike.

100% thrifted :)
Vest – vintage, thrifted
Dress – Maurices, thrifted

Loafers – Michael Kors, thrifted
Jacket – thrifted

1978 Raleigh Grand Prix

Simply Bike

BSM Bike

Image by fixedgear
BSM is ‘Business Systems Modernization’ and it is the name of the five year project I’m on at work. I’m gonna use this to get around on the compound, it is pretty big. That is a plastic tote zip tied to the rear rack, and I can put my junk in there. Nice little folding bike, it is from Germany, just like the SAP software we’re using.

15 thoughts on “Fall bike ride to work

  1. dickdavid

    Congratulations! As a way to thank the contributors of Suburban Assault flickr pool, I have been posting weekly random favorites to the Suburban Assault blog.

    This photo has been chosen as one of the Suburban Assault Hump Day Pics of the Week. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful photography in this group and I hope you continue to do so.

    Go here to see this week’s post.

  2. fixedgear

    It is not a fixed gear, it has a coaster brake rear hub. Fix-i-fying it would mean a new hub, rim, spokes and me getting the motivation to lace it up and I’m much too lazy. But it does fold ;-)

  3. bigmfs

    Better lock up that bike. The last bike you had at work was "borrowed" Now that it is a BSM mobile, it will be a hot item.

  4. tosha

    What’s the name of this German bike? When I was a kid in the Soviet Union (in the 80s), I had a folding bike that looked just like it. I’m sure the Soviets copied it from the Germans, like they did with so many other consumer goods (like Leicas, Fiats, etc.)

  5. fixedgear

    I’ll have to shoot some more pictres. It says "Sport 2000" on the head tube and ‘international’ on the down tube.

  6. Littlepixelâ„¢

    I’ve just set up a flickr interest group (called ‘foldr’ – geddit?) for retro folding bikes if you’re interested in adding this sweet bikey to the gallery? Hoping to get a few contributions so there’s a one-stop resource of pictures, and in time – perhaps info about these ace bikes

    If you are – I’ve posted a link below.
    (Apologies in advance for spamming you with this.)

    foldr retro bike group


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