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HDR Bike

Image by Ben C.K. (Benck’s)
A old bike near from the road to Mui Ne in Vietnam

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Bike Parking at Sunday Parkways

Image by W.D. Vanlue
Many people feel comfortable leaving their bike leaning against a tree or sitting in a lawn, but for those who prefer to lean or lock to a rack, the city of Portland sets up this temporary parking.

Read more about our time at the first Sunday Parkways of 2011 at The Prudent Cyclist.

15 thoughts on “HDR Bike


    Belle compo, j’aurais aimé un ciel bleu pour réchauffer la scène mais l’ensemble reste vraiment bien!

  2. Ben C.K. (Benck's)

    Merci. Tu as carrément raison pour le ciel bleu. J’Ai un peu ptrop poussé les manettes >_<

  3. Steven Vance

    Please tell me you know who makes these racks. They look sufficient <-that’s saying something!

  4. W.D. Vanlue

    I don’t remember off hand, but I did get a photo of the logo on the racks. Let me dig through the archives this evening and see if I can find the photo.

    And you’re right, "sufficient" bike racks are (sadly) hard to come by. I took this picture specifically because of how great the racks were compared with those at other events. Usually temporary bike parking consists of A-frame style parking like this:

    The A-frame style of rack is great if you have a road bike and a cable lock and know to hang your seat on the cross-bar of the rack. But if you are not familiar with the A-frame style of rack, or you have a U-lock, or you’re riding a cargo bike or other non-traditional cycle (which there are a lot of at Sunday Parkways), the A-frame racks can prove challenging.

  5. Steven Vance

    There’s an intense free-locking culture in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. I went to a major department store in Dam Square and there were no bike racks in the square. But at least 30 bicycles were free-locked (standing alone, locked to self). I added mine to the mix on the outside of the group. When I came back to get my bike, there was probably an additional 30 bicycles, mine now inside the group instead of at the periphery. I haven’t uploaded this photo yet.

    Here’s an example of Copenhagen:

  6. W.D. Vanlue

    I noticed that a bit at Sunday Parkways too. There were far more bikes "off the rack" than parked at the racks.

  7. wittco.gmbh

    The racks at Sunday Parkways were more hefty and usable than those typically seen (Filmed by Bike) (Pedal Nation).

  8. W.D. Vanlue

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/wittcogmbh/] Agreed! I’m hoping that we’ll see this style of temporary rack proliferate around to other Portland events!


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