How do you feel about taxes being levied against electric cars, or being considered?

Several states in the U.S. are either implementing or considering adding a tax just for electric cars.

Proposal is to eliminate the gasoline tax, add a new piece of sales tax, and add a tax on electric cars.

Longer writeup of the issues:-

Basically – gasoline taxes in the U.S. go to pay for roads and highways. The gasoline tax is a pretty cool method because it’s anonymous and the amount collected is directly proportional to use.

Except the electrified and other high fuel efficiency vehicles undermine the assumptions. Fewer gallons of gasoline used per vehicle mile traveled, hence lower overall tax collected for the same amount of road usage. In the long term governments are going to face a crunch because of this. In fact, the Virginia Governor gave exactly that reasoning in his proposal.

But … as EV drivers, what do we think about this trend?

Is this too early in EV adoption to start levying taxes?

But if we fend off taxation now, will the people start assuming EV’s mean tax-free driving? And that in 10 years the EV drivers will be fighting to preserve their perk of tax-free driving?

Some proposals are to put sensors in every car to precisely measure the vehicle miles driven, and then levy a precise tax.

Some proposals are a flat yearly fee/tax.

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