more bikes

Some cool bikes images:

more bikes

Image by glasseyes view
Maastricht, parkingplace for bikes at the Wilhelmina-bridge

Bike lights distribution


Image by Steven Vance
More info on this event.

Illinois law says people riding bikes must have a front white light and a rear red reflector (although Active Transportation Alliance and the City of Chicago recommend a rear red light).

Lawyer Jim Freeman and Groupon customers donated 200 bike lights to be given away to people riding bikes without a headlight at Milwaukee/North/Damen on Wednesday, November 10, 2010.

I think only 2 people refused.

Lights in the "giveaway" are Cateye HL-EL135N (a wonderful and easy to remember name).

10 thoughts on “more bikes

  1. glasseyes view

    Hello, thank You for Your comments Dietmar, Petra, Scott & Steph and by the way Steph, bikes for infinity? I think, its comforting so in this way: " Oh, I can see the end of bicycle-desert " :-) )

  2. cherryberryblossom

    i think you should keep the shot as it is, if you crop it just to show the bikes, you loose the context it is in, it will look like a bunch of bikes..maybe it is a bike store,but you don”t know why the bikes are there… the bit at the top, shows the context, and then you are look how many bikes are parked on the street..holy shit.
    you have to give the viewer a bit of explanation, and that is what the top bit does.

    great shot

  3. glasseyes view

    Hi kyri-morning-eagle, Your words about the intention are exactly right, thank You for Your long comment! :)


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