Mountain biking Tiger Mountain

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Mountain biking Tiger Mountain

Image by JPChamberland
It was relatively cold (45-50f) for a mountain bike in June, but the weather was still nice enough to enjoy a mountain bike ride at Tiger Mountain. You can see here Germain riding up "East Side Road" at Tiger mountain.

Tiger mountain is one of the many great place where you can enjoy Mountain Biking around Seattle. It does ofter many options including as we did here, riding up for about 1100 feet and 3.5 miles on "East Side Road", down for about 1100 feet and 4 miles on a very nice single track named "Preston", mostly flat for close to 2 miles on "West Side Road" and finally up and down for about 3 miles on another great single track named "Northwest Timber Trail".

You can find much more information about Tiger Mountain Bike trailshere and many other destination around Seattle at Back Country Bicycle Clubs here BBTC

Lance Armstrong’s recovered bike

Image by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious
And the detective who recovered it. See details at

’07 Harley Police Bike – KCPD – The East Crossroads – July 17, 2010

Image by CoolValley
It’s an ’07. I asked.

I also asked him where he got that seat, which is the motorcycle equivalent of a La-Z-Boy Super-Barcalounger. It’s got it’s own springs, while not unusual on old bikes, it’s unheard of on modern ones that aren’t hardtails.

He said it came with the bike.

Taken @ 18th and Locust in the East Crossroads, Kansas City, Missouri

The Ultimate Road Sofa

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