Not everyone is straining for a look at the electric bikes

Check out these electric bikes images:

Not everyone is straining for a look at the electric bikes
electric bikes

Image by bbcworldservice
This week on One Planet, Mike’s hanging out among petrol heads and sports fans at the TT Races on the Isle of Man. And among the gas guzzling superbikes, he finds a clean green superfast electric machine.

electric bikes

Image by MSVG
What a wonderful day for scootering! I’m a little sunburnt but that okay!

It was funny to see how many people stopped me or approached me to ask about my electric bike. They are becoming more popular and I guess I seem approachable enough because usually people here do not start conversations with strangers lol. I chose such a great commute down to the lakeshore. I wish you guys were there to see it and come along! I cannot wait until my next adventure!

I hope everyone else is having a great Sunday!

electric bikes

Image by yasa_

20 thoughts on “Not everyone is straining for a look at the electric bikes

  1. sly's eye

    Hey Michael! Lovely photo and I’m sure you enjoyed your ride.
    Take care on the road and don’t forget your sunscreen ;)
    PS: Approachable?.. interesting.. Haha! ;^p

  2. MSVG

    [] In Toronto no one ever approaches you unless it is something negative :P !

  3. Latvian98

    It does look like a beautiful day! You really should slather on the sunscreen, even if you eventually tan to a golden brown. I remember your last playing in the lake pic…with a farmer’s tan…just be careful…you do not want to be sorry about what you are doing now in twenty years or longer.

  4. Latvian98

    Oh, and I did not realize this was an electric bike…you should do a quick vid to show us how quiet it is…

  5. mtlicq

    its good that it is electric, quiet, clean…just keep the gasoline-powered bikes off the bike trails and out of the parks. People want to ride their bikes through parks full of trees and grass and plants, they want to get fresh air. Motorized vehicles are not permitted, at least the gas-powered ones/

  6. MSVG

    [] Well, yes any gasoline-motorized vehicles are definitely not permitted in Toronto to ride through park trails. These electric bicycles are because they are speed limited and well.. are bikes (you can pedal them too).

  7. RQ1959

    Great to see and hear!
    This could be a nice e-bike brochure shot :)
    Yes, please use sunscreen!
    You don’t want to regret/suffer 10 or 20 years on!
    Bonne Semaine!

  8. AshtonPal

    I remember once my friend and I walked from here all the way to Union Stn. That was a brisk walk. Hmm, people come up to me all the time and we have short conversations, but I guess it’s because that usually happens where I live. Other times, I just get asked for directions, weed, crack and money.

  9. Scorpocat

    I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your birthday gift. People will talk when there’s something tangible for them to talk about. A bit like owning a dog really.

  10. MSVG

    [] This birthday gift to myself was well worth the money i spent. Not here my friend. People here don’t talk.

  11. ~andre

    You should be the spokesperson for this scooter maker – every time I read your scooter story, I have a sudden urge to buy one :) Great shot too!

  12. mouzhik

    come on, even in Canada people talk to each other… sometimes..;-)

  13. MSVG

    []You are right. In Canada many people talk to each other. Just in Toronto everyone avoids eye contact. Every time I am in another city or town, I always strike conversations with strangers :) !


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