Overview of bike racks at Whole Foods

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Overview of bike racks at Whole Foods

Image by Steven Vance
It’s rare to find a place have safe access to its bike parking. Too many groceries have you enter via the parking lot, even if they have urban-friendly sidewalk (curb) access.

Read about this grocery store on Steven can plan.

Ready to bike to the park!

Image by mslaura
Who needs a minivan? In this photo I’ve got 2 kids, both of their bikes, picnic blanket, 3 kinds of snacks, water bottles, sun hats, change of clothes, diapers, wipes, bike tools, air pump, bike lock and purse stowed away on my Xtracycle Radish.
Nice day for a ride to the playground!

11 thoughts on “Overview of bike racks at Whole Foods

  1. Steven Vance

    No, there’s only 27-31!

    If I had their permission and a budget, I could optimize this bike parking area to hold many more bikes (at least 50). Maybe I should design it and propose it to them!

    I would also advocate for removing that lone tree and (dead) landscaped area.

  2. mslaura

    The front wheel lifts up when I have it on the center stand, even if I just have a little bit of weight on back.

  3. bikeblognyc

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Growing up Bike, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

    Hi, my name is Michael Green and I run the blog: http://www.bikeblognyc.com.
    I write about Urban bicycle culture in NYC and all over the world.

    I started this flickr group to share photos of how bikes and big wheels where a part of our lives. I once saw a group on here that was called: "growing up Star Wars" and wanted to do the same with bikes.

    I’d love to add this photo to the group pool. I don’t intent to use the photos on the blog, but rather just as a grouped archive within Flickr.

    Michael Green

  4. Adrienne Johnson SF

    I have yet to put two kids on my xtra, mostly because I don’t want to hear any whining about who sit up front : )

  5. AckermanFamily

    What seats are those? How did you affix them? Thanks! Looks great. I just got my Xtra and am loving it so far.


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