STOLEN! — Bright Bike

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STOLEN! — Bright Bike

Image by mandiberg
The Bright Bike is a retroreflective vinyl wrapped bicycle. We used Scotchlight 680 vinyl. When the bicycle is in the beam of a light (like a car’s headlight, or a camera’s flash,) it reflects back super bright. When it is not in the light, it is just jet black. Ideally, it will aid in nighttime bicycle safety.

This bicycle was stolen on January 8th at 195 Bowery NYC, a block south of the New Museum. It has a bike "BRIGHT BIKE" sticker on the downtube. The wheels are a brand new set of Open Pros, laced to White Industries ENO hubs (eccentric). Went in for a gallery opening, came out, and it was gone. This is an ICONIC bike, (there are no other bikes in NYC with the full retroreflective treatment) so if you see anyone riding it, it is stolen.

Returning stolen bike

Image by Jeff Youngstrom
Cascade Bike Club ride leader Bob Miller was leading his weekly "Bridges of Issaquah" ride tonight (it’s usually on Thursday). Just before one of the more metaphorical bridges he stopped the ride because he’d spotted a bike with a trailabike attached thrown in the blackberries alongside the trail. Bob remembered talking to a local cyclist who had had a similar setup stolen just a couple of days before, but didn’t have his phone number with him. David Kappler who was along on the ride speed dialed the Issaquah Police non-emergency number to see if they had a record of the theft. But the more Bob looked at it the more sure he was that this was the bike.

So I did what any self-respecting Xtracyclist would do, I offered to tow the bike to its suspected owner. Two minutes later we resumed the ride, took a short detour to discover that yes indeed, this was the stolen bike. Unstrapped it, handed it over, and finished our tour of Issaquah.

Moral of the story: lock your bike!

Photo by David Kappler with my camera.

11 thoughts on “STOLEN! — Bright Bike

  1. t.whid

    bah! How did I miss it? I gotta be more in the loop :-)

    Looks awesome. To test it you should go ride on the West Side Highway after dark ;-)

  2. mandiberg

    no worries t.whid: the video will be better than the actual taping. it took an hr+, and the lights were really hot. vid coming soon.


    Nice! Well done fellow cyclists! And a great picture out of it too! Those Xtracycles just keep on coming through for people, don’t they!


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