Surly long tail bike

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Surly long tail bike
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Image by ghbrett
Bike Info:
Frame: Surly Karate Monkey

Long Tail kit and accessories:

Motor: Stokemonkey is an electric motor assist kit exclusively for cargo bikes

Xtracycle LongTail Standard – Open Source information

20090808 Fallls Church Farmers Market

TVS X-Fossil Electric
electric bikes

Image by code_martial
TVS displayed this concept bike that runs on Li-Ion batteries. I didn’t bother checking on performance stats.

Front view of the electric bike – Ultra Motor Velociti
electric bikes

Image by bseshadri
500 Watt motor, electric powered scooter. On road price in Chennai, Rs. 42,000 including insurance etc. Cost of the bike alone Rs. 36,000 including 12.5% VAT. Supposed to deliver 50 km on one unit (Kilo Watt Hour) of power charged.

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