the bike barn

A few nice bikes images I found:

the bike barn

Image by Ben McLeod
I cleaned our garage today. It’s bike season!

Bike Octoberfest 2009

Image by DeusXFlorida (2,093,896 views) – thanks guys!
I dont know why, but this shot remined me this song "Riders on the storm" The Doors
Bike Octoberfest 2009. Daytona. Nikon F5 + Kodak Portra 400 B&W Professional 35mm film + Nikkor P 180mm f2.8

My New Bike [1]


Image by bindermichi
Had to get a second bike for everyday driving, since my MTB just won’t fit for that.

After trying to converting some messenger types into somthing road legal for bad weather I found this Built-To-Order company.

Velo de Ville VDV65
- Shimano Nexus 8-Speed
- Magura HS11 brakes
- SON28 dynamo
- Busch & Müller LED lights with sensor
- SKS fenders
- Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres
- Hebie Chainglider

… and it’s yellow

13 thoughts on “the bike barn

  1. amusings

    wow. and i don’t even have one right now. i better go get one. tell me more about the breezer. i like it a lot looks wise. where is it best ridden.

    Geoff crashed his bike a few weeks ago so we went out and bought him a mongoose. he’s all BMXing all over the yard now. A future Dave Mirra if he ever figures out how to take it off "sweet jumps."

  2. Ben McLeod

    The Breezer is a "town" bike and is best ridden, you guessed it, around town. I love it! It has a 7-speed internal hub, a sweet rack, lights, and a bell!

    I used to ride it to work everyday (12-months a year) when I worked in Concord – now I have to commute 25 miles and work nights, so the bike-to-work thing is out.

    I use the Breezer to run errands (I have a pannier that fits on the rack that can carry a lot of goceries) and just ride around town.

  3. Nikki McLeod

    sadly, there are still 4 or 5 bikes in the basement, not yet out of winter storage yet. the "collection" is out of control…liam’s already got 2 himself. yikes.


    Wow.. that’s a lot of bikes. I only have one right now :(

    Also, I live in the bike theft capital of NA so keeping that many bikes in a place with windows is not a good idea.

  5. sethardflip

    A bike for all seasons. A bike for all moods. This is a great old barn yard. You should check out the bike houses group.


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