The Worlds First Wireless Electric Bike Begins Production

Shadow Ebike

Ms. Yeg Baiocchi, Daymak Incs President and CEO, is happy to announce that manufacturing has commenced on Daymaks new electric bicycle, The Shadow Ebike. The world’s initial wireless electric bicycle, the Shadow Ebike is driven by the proprietary Daymak Generate, created in Canada by Daymak Inc.

We are open for business and filling orders. The initial Shadow Ebike will be prepared for supply by April thirty, states Baiocchi. This is a dream arrive correct for all of us at Daymak. From a paper design to industrial manufacturing, and more than four many years in development, its incredible. We have finally reached the manufacturing stage of the Shadow Ebike. With more than 100 vendor enquiries in the final few months on your own, The Shadow Ebike, a leading edge product, will put Daymak on the global map. It is going to be built right right here in Toronto, Canada

The Shadow Ebike is the initial wireless electrical bicycle featuring wireless brakes, wireless throttle, and a wireless pedal help method, with an built-in battery and motor design driven by the proprietary Daymak Generate Technology. It is a leading edge energy-assisted bicycle with an built-in wireless design, which means no wires in the open, which assists steer clear of the most common failures discovered in electric bicycles. .In terms of evolution, the Shadow is setup for future upgrades to interact with your Apple iphone, Blackberry and even your Google Phone or computer.”

The initial Shadow Ebike will function a 350W motor with a 36V 10ah lithium polymer battery. This groundbreaking ebike utilizes frequency-hopping distribute spectrum technologies, ISM Wireless Frequency (2.four GHz, to stop interference.).

For generations bicycles have been mans leading means of transportation. With world-wide problems such as automobile traffic congestion and associated greenhouse gasoline emissions, bicycle demand will only carry on to see a high degree of development. Daymaks proprietary systems make ebikes an attractive commuting and leisure alternative. The Daymak Generate controller brings to the ebike business a higher degree of overall performance than currently exists. Now, Daymak, with the introduction of the Shadow Ebike and its proprietary wireless systems, is pushing the bar even higher.

Whether or not consumers ride to reside or reside to ride, the Shadow Ebike will deliver the worlds very best riding expertise.

The marketplace for ebikes is expanding rapidly. Global manufacturing is roughly 27 million units and is expected to develop to 40 million units in 2011. With the Shadow Ebike and the proprietary Daymak Generate, we are prepared to enter the global marketplace, states Baiocchi. We have already obtained reflection of interest from about the world. This product is eco-friendly and as gasoline costs carry on to rise, it makes for a excellent inexpensive alternative to gasoline driven vehicles. The Shadow Ebike will be available this April, and is priced starting at $ one,999.

About Daymak Inc. Founded in 2001, Daymak Inc., based in Toronto Canada, is a designer, developer and producer of energy-help electric bicycles. Presently, Daymak Inc has two proprietary products, the Shadow Ebike, the worlds initial wireless energy-help electric bicycle, and the Daymak Generate controller. The company is a consumer-oriented and environmentally-friendly transportation provider, dedicated to developing next-generation energy-help electric bicycles.

Get in touch with info: For media enquiries or to receive a full push package please get in touch with Nick Maalouf at nick(at)daymak(dot)com Tel.416.749.2324 Fax.416.749.3424


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